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CNC router bits is always broken,how to solve?
Date:2019-10-09     Views:     Typeface:【Big Middle Small

I often receive feedback from users. My engraving machine always breaks the knife during machining.

I don't know how to solve this problem. The problem of broken knives is indeed a common problem

in the use of engraving machines, which not only causes losses to the user's use cost, but also

seriously affects the processing effect. Today, Nanjing Speed Carving Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

will discuss the reasons and solutions for the broken knife with everyone, and hope to bring help

to the vast number of friends.

There are many reasons why the engraving machine always breaks the knife during use. The main reason

is that the engraving machine tool is not enough to withstand the current cutting force. In addition,

there are some other reasons. The following Nanjing Speed Carving Electromechanical summarizes the

various reasons that will cause the engraving machine to break the knife. I hope that the engraving

machine users can find a way to solve the problem of cutting their own engraving machine.

1. Whether the machine tool is suitable for processing such materials, whether the machine tools and

materials are level with the ground, and there is a possibility that the machine will be broken if

there is no level. For example, the engraving machine of many users is a machine for advertising

woodworking. If it is used to process hard materials such as stone, it seems that the power is

insufficient, which causes the problem of broken knife.

2. Whether the material processed by the engraving machine has impurities and the hardness of the

material is too large.

3. Whether the spindle motor speed is too low, the spindle motor speed is too low, and the amount

of knife per tooth per revolution becomes larger, so that the cutting force becomes larger, which will

cause the knife to be broken. In general, the spindle speed we use is still somewhat higher.

4. Whether the power supply provided by the engraving machine is stable or not, the unstable power

supply will cause the engraving machine to break the knife.

5. Whether the engraving machining allowance is reasonable, whether there is a stepped margin, so

that there will be a change in the cutting force caused by the vibration during the machining, resulting

in the broken knife, so it is necessary to increase the semi-finishing. The other is whether the amount

of knife is too large.

6. Is there any dust on the engraving machine tool and the chuck, and the strength of the upper knife

is too large. The chuck and nut are not intact. It is very important that the amount of tool sticking is

large. It is often a problem here and it is not taken seriously.

7. Whether the priority mode of the engraving machine is normal, it directly affects the starting speed

of the machine tool. The higher the starting speed, the more likely it is to generate vibration, which

will easily lead to the broken knife.

8. Tool problem: It is mainly related to the hardness, strength, sharpness of the engraving machine tool

and the length of the tool extension, and the smoothness of the tool rake face. This requires the user

to select a normal tool for machining before machining.

9. Whether the auxiliary equipment is smooth or not, whether secondary cutting is avoided, and the main

problem is the upper knife.

There is also a reason for the marble and stone engraving machine to always cut the knife. The reason

why the stone engraving machine often breaks the knife during the tombstone and stone carving process

can be considered from the following aspects:

1. The feed is too fast, or the rotation speed is not enough.

2, the tool quality is not good

3, processing and eating too much

4, the tool clamping length is insufficient, the tool shakes

5, the tool is blunt, there is a certain amount of wear, need to be ground

6. Does the tool setting in the software match the actual tool used?

7. Whether to add lubricant when carving hard materials (such as marble, jade, glass, etc.)

8. Is the arbor concentric?

9. When carving hard materials, set different engraving parameters and use different tools according to

different materials.

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