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vacuum adsorption table and T-slot metarial table
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The vacuum adsorption table is connected by a vacuum pump to the bottom of the woodworking

engraving machine. There are a plurality of adsorption holes on the surface of the engraving

machine. When we put the board on top, the board is firmly absorbed by the vacuum generated

by the vacuum pump. On the countertop, the engraving machine starts working at this time,

and the whole loading and unloading process is no more than ten seconds, which is efficient

and fast. Ideal for line carving of wooden doors and panel furniture.

The profile fixture table top is a fixed way to fix the workpiece on the table surface by manually

tightening the screw. The profile table top is a bottom layer with an aluminum profile with a

T-slot and a PVC material on the top. If the material shape is irregular, the vacuum adsorption

is not easy to fix or the processing technology is embossing, hollowing, cutting, etc., then it is

more suitable for the profile fixture table. The embossed print itself has a long carving time,

and does not care about the fixed time of the artificial splint for a few minutes, and the hollow

embossing and cutting process is vacuum pump can not absorb. Woodworking engraving

machine for profile fixture table top is suitable for embossing crafts; hollow partitions, screens

and other home decoration; advertising industry PVC, acrylic, two-color plate cutting and so on.


Scope of application:

Woodworking industry: all kinds of doors, windows, cabinets, craft wooden doors, paint-free

doors, screens, craft fans, wave board processing and other furniture, wood processing.

Advertising industry: advertising signage, labeling production, advertising material cutting,

plastic molding, LED neon production and other materials advertising decorative products.

Crafts industry: can carry out a variety of exquisite patterns and text carving on wood,

bamboo, artificial marble, organic board, two-color board, crystal and other materials.

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