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difference between plasma and fiber laser ?
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What is the difference between plasma cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser cutting, because the invisible beam replaces the traditional mechanical knife, the mechanical

part of thelaser head has no contact with the work, and will not scratch the work surface during work; the laser cutting

speed is fast, the cutting is smooth and flat, and generally does not Subsequent machining is required;

cuttingheat affected zone is small. The plasma machine is a kind of thermal cutting equipment. Its working principle is

to use the heat of the high-temperature plasma arc to locally melt the metal at the incision of the workpiece,

and use the momentum of the high-speed plasma to remove the molten metal to form a processing method

of the incision.

Why does a plasma laser cut thicker and cheaper than fiber?

1. The surface of the plasma cutting machine is rough, it has advantages in cutting thick plates, and the price is


2. The cutting surface of laser cutting is smooth, and the plasma is rough, so it is necessary to send someone

to repair the burr. The laser cutting surface is smooth, the compensation precision is relatively high, and it is

a little more expensive. In terms of cost, plasma is about 1/3 cheaper than laser.

3. The disadvantage of plasma is that the slit width is about 3MM. The most important part of the plasma is

the power supply, which is equivalent to the laser of the laser cutting machine. The power consumption of

the plasma is quite severe. The commonly used spare parts electrode protection nozzles are also quite expensive

especially the electrode drilling is very expensive.

4. Plasma is often used for thick plate cutting, while fiber laser cutting machine is often used for thin plate cutting.

The plasma cutting needs to send someone to trim the burrs, while the laser cutting can be formed at one time.

No secondary processing is required.

Detailed distinction between laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine:

1. Compared with plasma cutting, laser cutting is much more precise, the heat affected zone is much smaller, and

the kerf is much smaller;

2. If you want precise cutting, small cutting seam, small heat-affected zone, and small deformation of the plate,

it is recommended to choose a laser cutting machine;

3. Plasma cutting uses compressed air as working gas, high temperature and high speed plasma arc as heat

source, partially melts the metal to be cut, and at the same time blows away the melted metal with high-speed

airflow to form cutting;

4. The heat-affected zone of plasma cutting is relatively large and the slit is relatively wide, which is not suitable

for cutting thin plates, because the plates will be deformed due to heat;

5. The price of laser cutting machine is a little more expensive than plasma cutting machine.

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