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DSP can not read from USB flash drive, how to solve
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How to do the engraving machine handle does not read the u disk

2019-06-03 14:42

At present, there are two main control systems for CNC engraving machines on the market. One is

the Weihong control system that needs computer control, and the other is the DSP system controlled

by the handle. The use of these two systems is roughly the same, except that there are some

differences in the process of use.

Users who have used the engraving machine know that if we need to engrave some products and

graphics, we first need to design the drawing in Beijing Engraving or Wentai and other engraving

software, and then generate a path file in NC or ENG format, and pass the file. The U disk is then

copied into the engraving machine control system, and then the engraving machine can be

manipulated for processing. So, what should we do if we can't read the USB flash drive when we

encounter the engraving machine or the engraving machine handle? Below we will bring everyone

to talk about some skills and precautions of using U disk in the engraving machine:

1. It is recommended to format the USB flash drive before using it for the first time.

This system is compatible with all FAT16 or FAT32 format U disk, but because some U disk operation

delay parameters are too different from normal U disk (this situation is very rare), so there will be

abnormal reading and writing. In this case, please replace the U disk of another model.

2. Recommended for U disk

Due to some special features of the system, the U disk is required to be dedicated, and the U

disk cannot store too many files. It is best not to store other types of files. It is best not to have

a folder in the U disk, otherwise it may not be able to read and write properly.

3. If there is a virus in the USB flash drive, it may not be able to read normally.

File storage and storage format

The storage of graphics in a USB flash drive must meet the following two requirements:

1. When the graphic code is stored in the USB flash drive, the file must be directly stored in the

root directory of the USB flash drive. There must be no folder in the USB flash drive.

2. For the file name system: the file name should not be too long, otherwise the display can

not be fully displayed. Try to use 26 English letters or 0-9 numbers to support the Chinese file

name of the system built-in font.

3. In order to facilitate the operator to change the compensation amount according to the actual

cutting situation, it is recommended that the designer store the same amount of compensation

for the same graphic in the U disk and use the last two numbers in the file name.

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