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Engraving machine main shaft water pipe blocking method
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Engraving machine main shaft water pipe blocking method

The main spindle motors commonly used in engraving machines are water-cooled spindle motors and air-cooled spindle motors. Water-cooled spindle motors and air-cooled spindle motors each have advantages and disadvantages. The air-cooled spindle motor is cooled by the air and has a relatively long service life, but the noise is slightly larger and the rotation speed is low. The water-cooled spindle motor has a high speed and low noise, but if it is processed for a long time, it must be ensured that the main shaft is circulated. When the embossing process is carried out, some wood dust will easily fall into the circulating water. For a long time, too much impurities in the water will flow into the water pipe or the main shaft, which will cause the circulating water to become smaller or blocked. In the event of such a situation, measures should be taken in time to remove dust and debris from the water pipes. Otherwise it will cause damage to the bearings in the water-cooled motor. Preventing water-cooled motor water pipes from being blocked is to replace circulating water every day to ensure clean water. A layer of filter can be placed on the water outlet of the pump, which can effectively reduce the flow of impurities into the main shaft and cause the main shaft to block.

If the main shaft is clogged, the air inlet pipe of the stone engraving machine can be connected with the air pipe of the air compressor, and it can be blown several times. If the water pipe is blown, it can be used to blow the water pipe and dredge the water pipe. The circulating water pipes are inserted in the water and it is not easy to detect whether it is blocked. In normal processing, the temperature of the main shaft should be touched periodically. When the temperature is high, the water flow of the water pipe should be checked to avoid the spindle temperature being too high, which damages the spindle motor and affects the processing and production.

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