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1325B 4 Processing CNC Woodworking Carving Router Machine
Model Number:1325
Place of Origin:china
Telephone:+86 531 67811996
Keywords:ATC CNC,ATC machine, 4 heads,4 processing cnc
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Applicable industry

Panel furniture, cabinet wardrobes, office furniture, custom furniture.

Functional characteristics

◇ Provincial plate: The company's professional research and development of optimized typesetting

software, greatly improving the sheet utilization rate, each sheet can be used up to 2.7-2.8 square


◇save Labor: Compared to the traditional method of cutting, the table saw needs two people to

operate, and the CNC machine only needs one person to operate, and even one person can operate

several at the same time.

◇ Save time: Modern CNC equipment can continue to work every day, eliminating the need for the

bench saw to always adjust the ruler, and the accuracy is guaranteed.

◇ Easy to operate: This machine is easy to operate, all computer calculation, zero error, zero failure rate,

easy to operate. Any small worker can be directly operated on the machine after 3-5 hours of training.