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edge banding machine
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Place of Origin:china
Telephone:+86 531 67811996
Keywords: edge banding machine
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1. Working Process:

Pre-heating, Gluing, Fine trimming, Polishing, Electric and Cutting.

Semi Edge Bonding Machine

2. Application:
This machine is mainly used for the straight edge banding of MDF, Solid Wood Boards, PVC
Board and Shaving Board. It very applies to the manufacturers who produce panel type

3. Characteristics:

- panels support roller which can be extended on the entire length of the machine.
- exhaust outlets
- electrical cabinet with padlockable main switch and overload motor protection
- infeed and outfeed emergency push button
- it is positioned at machine infeed, easy to be reached from operator's side
- display for the control/set up of the glue working temperature
- manual adjustment of presser with automatic positioning of the operating groups according to the
panel thickness