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edge banding machine
Model Number:508
Place of Origin:china
Telephone:+86 531 67811996
Keywords:edge banding machine,edge bander,banding machine
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1. Pre-milling system
Pre-milling adopts double linear guide, with higher guidance accuracy and good motion stability,
Pre-cutter Φ125mm H35mm six-tooth diamond pre-milling cutter, with high hardness and wear resistance,
Longer service life.

2. Gluing system
In gluing system, the glue box is coated with Teflon, which makes the box cleaning easier. The glue box has
The temperature maintaining function and can shorten heating time and avoid the glue carbonization. The
Machine can use the high temperature EVA hot melt glue and can deliver the glue by spiral structure.
The glue box size is 200*150*450mm.

3. Feeding and edge cutting system
When the single unit feeding system can be used to load the strip (optional) and roller type edge bands and
The edge band thickness can be 0.4~3mm. If the single work unit can not meet the working requirements,
The 2-10 feeding units can be selected. The edge cutting cylinder is controlled by double solenoid valves.

4. Press system
The precise large press wheel and glue wheel can work together to ensure the press effect. The small press
Wheel are composed of 2 upper and lower cone wheels and 1 straight wheel. The upper and lower cone
Wheels can ensure the good press effect. The large and small press wheels are controlled by the separate
Pressure control valve.

Optional: One large wheel can be equipped with 5 small wheels.

5. End trimming system
Adopt the imported precision linear guider, the automatic profiling tracking and high frequency and high
Speed motor of 0.37kw to ensure the smooth cut surface.

6. Rough trimming system
Rough trimming motor is 0.75kw high frequency motor. The rough trimming tools are the Φ56mm four tooth
Carbide cutters with high hardness and wear resistance. The tools processing angle is 15°.
Optional: High-power high-frequency motor 1.1kw.

7. Fine trimming system
Rough trimming motor is 0.75kw high frequency motor. The rough trimming tools are the Φ69mm four
Tooth carbide cutters with high hardness and wear resistance. The tools processing angle is 45°.

Optional: High-power high-frequency motor 1.1kw.

8. Corner trimming system
To process the round / duck mouth / right angles caused by end trimming to form a perfect round angle.
Use 0.37KW high frequency motor and R2.5, Φ70mm, 3Z carbide tools.

9. Scrapping system
It is used for PVC or ABS edge band less than or equal to 3mm. The system adopts high steel structure.
Use knob to adjust the arc angle. Each group has two precise profile wheels to ensure the accuracy of
Cutting point.

10. Flat scraping system
Pneumatically controlled from PLC, removes residual glue left on panel.

11. Hogging system
Single lateral hogging depth can not be over 8mm. If deeper than 8mm, another lateral hogging shall be
Added. Either side hogging(L) or down hogging(H). It is used for direct slotting of the side plate and drawer
Bottom plate of wardrobe, and it is more convenient by reducing working procedure of panel saw.

12. Buffing system:
The two independent motors equipped with buffing wheels are used for cleaning and buffing after edge
Banding, easy to operate.

Optional: Pneumatic reciprocating buffing by motors.

13. Electric system
Each functional group is controlled by independent Delta inverter to ensure the co-movement of the system (except the buffing and lifting motor). All electric parts are from famous brand with CE to
Ensure the long time operation of the machine. Use the Taiwan DELTA PLC control system to ensure high
Stability and precision.

14. Control panel
The machine is equipped with DELTA touch screen, the human-computer control surface. The picture and words can directly reflect machine failures and solutions, which makes machine maintenance easier.

15. Pressure beam electric lifting system
The rising and falling function of the pressure beam can be started rapidly through the operation screen. The
Separate position indicator can show the rising and falling height.

16. Automatic grease lubrication & Automatic oiling:
1. The oil filling structure is controlled by microcomputer and oil filling speed can be defined by the user.
The minimum oil amount alarm is set up.
2. The oil filling structure can add oil for the end trimming moving slider and conveyor guider within
Set-up time. This can ensure the related parts be lubricated in time, reduce friction and prolong the service life.
3. The manual oil filling system for the pre-milling is used for the lubrication of up, down, front and back guide
Rails to prevent service life and ensure work precision.

17. Air source processor (triplets)

18. CE optional component
1) Power break protection device
2) Central power switch
3) Protective casing over press roller
4) CE electrical components


Edge banding machine in woodworking is used in banding edge of desks,carbinet,wardrobe and stright line furniture.The edge bander can be PVC,melamine,wood based works and so on,with powerful fuctions as edge feeding,sticking,material cutting,front-back trimming,roughing,fine finishing,scraping and buffing,with features as follows

1) Adopt high-power and high frequency motor to improve effect

2)The pressure beam is made of high strength aluminum alloy heavy structure,which makes the material more stable and efficient during operation.

3)The imported trachea has high flexibility, winter frost resistance, no burst, frost resistance,fatigue resistant cable and more extended service life.

4) The frame plate, cold plate welding, after welding after annealing processing, the machine in the production process without affecting the internal stress and deformation.