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SE-2030 CNC router
Model Number:SE-2030
Place of Origin:china
Telephone:+86 531 67811996
Keywords:2030 cnc router,cnc engraver,cnc machine,cnc carver,cnc router
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Many countries MDF size is 6x8.5foot (1830x2600mm),it is quite clear that 1325 model can not fit their demand.

We make 2030 model(2000x3000mm) just for them.


1) This machine come with big size and is widely used in cutting and engraving work

2) DSP/shanlong-L-1000/ mach3 controller system can be selected
3) X Y Z axis use Taiwan HWIN square linear rail to ensure the machine work rapidly and precisely.
4) Wholly cold-roll machine structure, which is very heavy and strong, this reduce the shaking
during working and increase the stability to ensure the machine have very high precision.
5) It is widely used in furniture, advertising and plate-making industry.

6) the body is made of 12mm thickness steel baord,it is very strong,can be used 50 years.

7) spindle power is 6kw, optional is 4.5kw, 7.5kw,3.0kw

8) it use the best motor, DELTA/Panasonic etc,

working size is 2000x3000mm

feeding size is 200mm or following order

control system you can select below :


DSP A11, A18

NK105 G2, G3


or others you want

Driver and motor, you can select below

Leadshine 86H+stepper motor

Yako 2811MA, 2608H+stepper motor

Leadshine Hybird servo /semi -servo HBS57, HBS86H, HBS 758 , HBS1108, HBS2206.

AC servo Leadshine 750W, 850W, 1000W 1500W.

or others you want





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