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2030 cnc rotuer for woodworking
Model Number:2000x3000mm
Place of Origin:jinan of china
Telephone:+86 531 67811996
Keywords:2030 cnc router, cnc router,
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Application fields

CNC Wood Routers are used for woodworking such as hollow wood caving, relief wood carving, plane wood carving, 3D wood carving, Furniture production, etc.

1. If you are engaged in arts, gifts, crafts, signs, marks, logos, moulds, models, boxes, etc. for advertising, home using or school teaching, the Small CNC Router is your best choice.

2. If you work on wood production, such as solid wood door, Craft wood door, MDF door, screens, windows, table and chairs, Cabinet, Room decoration, etc. A standard CNC Router will help you to complete these woodworking works, of course, A standard CNC Router can do what a Small CNC Router does.

3. If your woodworking works need to process the panel work above, and also need to do arc carving, such as wood moulds,

foam molds, etc. It need 4 axis swing head.

4. If you do some woodworking works like customized panel furniture production, we also have Intelligent CNC Routers with auto nesting software, it has full functions of automatically uploading and downloading, automatically nesting, labeling, optimizing, vertical drilling, slotting, grooving, cutting, carving and engraving, etc.

RT-2030 CNC router with vacuum adsorption table



working size is 2000x3000mm

feeding size is 200mm or following order

control system you can select below :


DSP A11, A18

NK105 G2, G3


or others you want

Driver and motor, you can select below

Leadshine 86H+stepper motor

Yako 2811MA, 2608H+stepper motor

Leadshine Hybird servo /semi -servo HBS57, HBS86H, HBS 758 , HBS1108, HBS2206.

AC servo Leadshine 750W, 850W, 1000W 1500W.

or others you want





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